Welcome to Holson House

Our blog began in much the same way as many… as an experiment, an outlet, and a journey into the great unknown.

At the time, my every waking moment was consumed with the excitement of marrying Mark, the man who had been such a simultaneously grounding and uplifting presence in my life that he made me feel new five years in. We were engaged, I loved to write, and the rooftop I found from which to shout my love — and create inspiration boards until my eyes burned — was a free wordpress blog with a basic theme.

Neither of us realized in those early days that my silly little wedding blog would eventually bring us closer than ever, evolving into a shared creative pursuit, multiple successful business ventures, and a love story all its own.

Holson House is the evolution of us, and of our work together… a writer and a photographer who took each others’ talents to new heights. In that first little blog, we found our voice. But let’s be honest, at first, we had absolutely no clue what we were doing. Mark was a talented landscape photographer, but the world of food photography was new to us both, and the little tricks we’d eventually learn were still a foreign language.

We stumbled our way through the challenge, but we took it head-on. We sucked up knowledge like nectar, working during the day and creating at night until we reached a place where we felt we could be proud of our work. What once were hobbies became passionate pursuits… and eventually, our recipes and home shoots evolved into an event series and a bakery centered around our love of food. But no matter what road life led us down, we always came home to our love of creating together.

We plan to share many things on the Holson House blog, including our family and our own little house, but especially the hearty, healthy, whole food that is truly the center of our home. We feel that nothing bonds a family or community together more than the food they share — and that’s certainly been the case for us: two kids who met working in a restaurant just next door and worlds from where they live now.

Holson House is, above all things, a love letter… to food, to our family, to the community that sustains us, and most of all, to each other. We decided to rebrand and relaunch the blog, because though it became ours in every way… that original blog began as just my own. I wanted Mark to have a more explicit role in the day to day, and I wanted to take our creative partnership to the next level.

This also meant facing a real fear… we knew we could do food — if even just because we love eating it so much — but we’d been building to a place where we felt we were truly “good” at taking pictures for years. Though we may never reach a place where we’re truly satisfied (can, and should, an artist ever really be?) we were finally able to reach a place where we felt we could share. And we wanted to share. To bring our love of photography and food to others in a way that we hadn’t before.

So here we stand, with a new experiment, a new outlet, and a new journey into the great unknown… but no matter what’s to come, we know we’ll be in it together. And that’s more comfort in the great unknown than I ever hoped to have.

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  1. Aw you guys – congratulations on a whole new beginning!! On top of the other new beginning with the baby and all that. You go go go!!!