A very nice description.

Holson House is, above all things, a love letter… to food, to our family, to the community that sustains us, and most of all, to each other.

We share many things on the Holson House blog, including our family and our own little house, but especially the hearty, healthy, whole food that is truly the center of our home.

We feel that nothing bonds a family or community together more than the food they share – and that’s certainly been the case for us: two kids who met working in a restaurant just next door and worlds from where they live now.

Today we’re lucky enough to share not just a home, but a passion for the projects that make it ours. After many years of happily working together behind the scenes on projects from A Thousand Threads to Field + Foundry to Dough Uprising, we decided to bring our creative connection out into the open – more officially – and bring our passions together under one roof.

This is how Holson House was born.

Holson House is our creative outlet, but it is also an opportunity for us to share our passion for food, photography, and community with all of you.

See more about what we do on this page, and reach out about an upcoming project or event here.​ ​There’s nothing we love more than a fun new challenge, so don’t be afraid – take a look around our portfolio and our blog and tell us all of your ideas.

We can’t wait to chat more with you soon!​